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Whether you are a holding company or a credit union, adherence to banking standards and compliance issues can make or break your business. Banking regulations can be complex and often requires specialized knowledge. Based on hands-on experience gained from working inside the banking industry, the lawyers at Westberg Croessmann & Warren, P.C. masterfully apply a blend of creative and practical strategies and solutions to meet client needs, including the following:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Examination guidance
  • Fair lending
  • Bank secrecy and information security
  • Electronic payment systems
  • Commercial and asset-based lending agreements
  • Real estate and construction financing
  • Corporate and securities
  • Officer and director duties

Bank Compliance Program

The firm offers compliance services to financial institutions that do not have their own legal department or those that seek additional support in this area. This compliance service provides an unlimited number of monthly compliance phone calls, monthly hot topics bulletins, access to a compliance blog, and the opportunity to attend various compliance seminars.

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Mediator and Arbitrator Services

Our attorneys provide a full array of Mediator, Neutral, and Arbitrator services for commercial, business and employment disputes, including resolving internal management and relationship issues within a business or organizational context. In addition, we assist organizations in setting-up alternative dispute resolution processes that will allow commonly occurring disputes with customers or stakeholders to be resolved in a positive atmosphere.

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Recent engagements

  1. Former counsel to Bankers Compliance Group handling legal compliance issues for nearly 200 state and federal financial institutions and credit unions.
  2. Asset manager responsible for the sale of a $1.2 billion institution in receivership by the FDIC.
  3. Formed off-shore bank holding company to reduce tax obligations in excess of $80 million.
  4. Represented bank directors before FinCEN for alleged violations of OFAC regulations.

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When you need innovative yet pragmatic approaches to resolve banking law matters, Westberg Croessmann & Warren, P.C., Attorneys at Law, could be your best legal resource. We serve clients in Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, Washington State, and California. Call us at 703-894-1224 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.