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(The CGL Policy Exclusion For "Your Product")

The Use of Life Insurance in Planning an Estate

Life insurance can be a valuable tool in planning for the future of one's children and in balancing distribution of assets.

Policy Construction Supporting Coverage

An insurance policy may contain provisions that state when coverage will be forfeited or which perils are excluded from coverage. Such provisions may be valid and enforceable, if unambiguous.

Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act

When an insured or a beneficiary submits a claim to an insurer, the insurer has a duty to respond and to do so in a certain manner. The Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act (UCSPA), a model act adopted in over 40 states, provides industry guidelines for the insurer to follow when paying or denying claims. In general, the UCSPA requires the insurer to act promptly and fairly in response to a claim with a reasonable basis for any denials.

Basic Automobile Policy Contents

Automobile insurance policies normally contain the same five basic sections found in most types of insurance policies: 1) declarations, 2) an insuring agreement, 3) definitions of terms used in the policy, 4) conditions, and 5) exclusions.