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A National Litigation and Business Counseling Practice for Banking, Construction, Design, and Real Estate

Knowledge of your business and creativity are the keys to our success

The philosophy is simple. We believe our attorneys can do a better job of representing your interests, if they understand your business, as well as the law. While this may seem obvious, it is surprising how often we are able to achieve a successful outcome for our client, simply by being more knowledgeable about the law and the surrounding circumstances, than our opposition. When this superior knowledge is combined with creativity, the result is an even more powerful strategy that often produces positive solutions to complex and difficult problems.

Experienced litigators and business advisors with technical backgrounds

We implement this strategy by starting with experienced litigators and business advisors who have technical backgrounds in Banking, Architecture, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Real Estate. We understand the process of negotiation and can give you sage advice as to the best course of action. These skills are continually enhanced by staying focused in Banking, Construction, Design, and Real Estate, staying current with the latest legal and industry developments and fully researching issues we are addressing. In addition, we then employ an array of alternative dispute resolution skills and creativity to bring matters to a quick successful conclusion.

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Zealous representation in the most economical manner

Our business is built on long standing client relationships. We understand that to keep clients, we need to consistently provide services that are of real value and enhance the bottom line. We work closely with our clients to develop a cost benefit strategy that allows us to target our efforts on what will get the case resolve. Through aggressive representation we can provide the most cost effective representation in both small and large cases. Our technical backgrounds also allow us to get right down to the business of resolving your problems. We do not need to expend large amounts of time, at your expense, to learn what you do or how you do it. Further, our experienced attorneys know how to use creative settlement strategies and alternative dispute resolution techniques to resolve cases early in the dispute.

Contact us for creative and efficient representation

If you are in the Banking, Construction, Design, or Real Estate industries and seek highly experienced lawyers who can offer creative solutions to your legal problems, Westberg Croessmann & Warren, P.C. could be your best legal resource. We serve clients throughout the nation. Call us at 703-304-0159 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.